Election 2020 | Vinyl business of the year

Last week I have continuously walked around with a ‘big smile’ on my face. An unexpected and nice surprise. De Platenzaak Eindhoven has entered the the top 50 of the best record stores in the Benelux 2020 at no. 46. Without having campaigned and 1.5 year after opening …. And then those rave comments …… I was humbled. Thank you dear voters, whoever you may be. I couldn’t wish for a better start to 2021. And after a few weeks of doubt, I decided to just keep going. With a physical store, no Discogs or webshop. I am going to create an even more nicer, cozier and more unique store with excellent music for you. De Platenzaak Eindhoven goes on and on and on… !! Take care and see you soon in the shop!

… At No. 46 | De Platenzaak, and now the voters have their say:
Still relatively new, but clearly growing in customers and assortment and also records for nice prices. – Reasonably recently engaged and he has set up a nice shop in a short time with mainly second hand vinyl offerings. – Great personality… down to earth and hospitable… always up for a chat and no stiff lipp… great business. – This is the ultimate winner for me !! Wim who is there is all the time is super customer-friendly and always offers you “a nice cuppa coffee”. – The records are always at a good prices and if you need something, the shopowner is always there for you! Really a winner! Nothing to criticize.

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