Analysis: why is vinyl so popular among young people?

In 2020, for the first time in ages, the music industry achieved more turnover from the sale of vinyl than from the sale of CDs, according to figures from NVPI. It is mainly young people who have started to buy more vinyl. What will cause young people to go to the record store en masse in 2022?

By: Gino Haverkamp

“I think the division between young and old is fifty-fifty,” says Wim van Stiphout, owner of De Platenzaak in Eindhoven. “And that is something of recent times, because I see a lot of young people entering the store.”

Rumors (from 1977) by Fleetwood Mac is by far the most popular record in all stores, both among the older and younger audiences. It is difficult to say why Rumors by Fleetwood Mac is very popular among young people. Is it the iconic cover featuring Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks? Is it the underlying story of the relationship problems within the band that appeals to the imagination? According to Van Stiphout Rumors is simply a very strong album. “The hard thing about an album is to put ten or twelve good songs on it. Usually there are two good songs on it. Nice, but if you play an entire album… Rumors is an album that almost everyone likes and where you know all the songs.”

Recognizability therefore plays a major role, according to the shop owners. That happens in different ways. Van Stiphout refers to the use of certain music in films, series and games. “My 23-year-old son recently asked about the Pet Shop Boys. How do you know that? He got that from some game [Grand Theft Auto V, ed.]. I find that funny.”

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