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Music, music and yes more music …


De Platenzaak is always looking to purchase Vinyl: LPs, CD’s and singles and we pay a good price for it. We are interested in Pop-music and Rock from the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties. We are mainly looking for the following genres: Pop, Rock, Reggae, Metal, Soul, Funk, Blues, hip hop, electronic music, world music, soundtracks and last but not least Jazz.

You can always come by in the shop. But you can also make an appointment with Wim,  By larger quantities, we also can come to your home.

Sell something?

For purchase, call or mail Wim: 06 – 51 590 465 / info@deplatenzaak.com

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Vinyl business of the year, Benelux – NO. 46

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De Platenzaak - vinyl and more | Eindhoven Geldropseweg 86A Instagram @deplatenzaak_eindhoven muziek music

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